One recyclable Sun Light Activated Water purifier empowers a mother with the independence to enrich the health & wellbeing of her family

International Award Winner

Creating pure water for children worldwide


At Clean Water for Infants, we are committed to fostering a world where all mothers can provide clean, hygienic and safe water for their children. In use for over 10 years, our multi award winning water purifier has helped mothers from across the world create safer and cleaner water for children worldwide.



Our team


We are a group of experienced professionals specialising in developing innovative products that are simple, effective, reliable and accessible. We boast a range of experience and knowledge that allows us to apply our expertise and practical skills throughout the product development, testing and distribution phases. Our water purifier bag is multi award winning and recognised across the world as an innovation helping mothers feed their children clean water.



Our goal


At Clean Water for Infants, we are passionate about creating a world where all children have access to clean and safe water - wherever they live. As water quality and cleanliness varies across the world, our solar activated reusable water purifier is a simple, cheap and easy way to ensure all children receive high quality water for health, wellbeing and development.



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